1. The Failure Analysis and Troubleshooting System 
2. Metallurgical Failure Analysis 
3. Machinery Component Failure Analysis 
4. Machinery Troubleshooting 
5. Vibration Analysis 
6. Generalized Machinery Problem-Solving Sequence 
7. Statistical Approaches in Machinery Problem Solving 
8. Sneak Analysis 
9. Formalized Failure Reporting as a Teaching Tool 
10. The "Seven-Cause Category Approach" to Root-Cause Failure Analysis 
11. Cause Analysis by Pursuing the Cause-and-Effect Relationship 
12. Knowledge-Based Systems for Machinery Failure Diagnosis 
13. Training and Organizing for Successful Failure Analysis and Troubleshooting 
App. A. Machinery Equipment Life Data 
App. B. Theory of Hazard Plotting 
App. C. Glossary of Problem-Solving and Decision Making Terms 
App. D. Gear Nomenclature 

Practical Machinery Management for Process Plants,    Volume 2, 3rd Edition: Machinery Failure Analysis and Troubleshooting
by Heinz P. Bloch & Fred Geitner, ISBN: 0884156621
     A revised and updated guide (1st ed., 1983) that shows plant engineers and supervisors how to systematically analyze and troubleshoot machinery component distress with field-proven techniques. It covers gears, rolling-element bearings, sliding bearings, bolting, couplings, mechanical seals, etc. on pumps, compressors, electric motors, steam turbines, and similar equipment.
     New to this edition are descriptions of enhanced methods of metallurgical failure analysis, approaches to coupling distress investigations, and updated procedures for lube-oil management in process plants.
Practical Machinery Management for Process Plants, Volume 2, 3rd Edition: Machinery Failure Analysis and Troubleshooting -

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