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Crane & Rigging Handbook and Crane & Rigging Training Manual : Revised Edition - 2005

by Ronald G. Garby

"The Best Rigging Book in North America!"

IPT's Crane and Rigging Handbook and Training Manual
Whatever You Need to Move

Revised and expanded in 2005, IPT's Crane and Rigging Handbook and Training Manual are essential resources for anyone who moves heavy loads.

See Gary Carwell's "How To Calculate A Sling Load" Video on You Tube using information he derived from the Crane and Rigging Handbook.

IPT's Crane & Rigging Handbook in convenient tool box size  5 3/4" x 3 3/4" x 7/8"
ISBN# 0920855016 $29.95 each 

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IPT's Crane & Rigging Training Manual in user friendly 8 1/2" x 5 3/4" classroom size with section questions and answer book
ISBN#  0920855032 $49.95 each

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This indispensable publication expertly explains the rigging process for classroom instruction or workplace reference. New sections include pre-lift planning, materials handling, aerial platforms and barge, ship and offshore cranes.

IPT - The Best Choice for Manuals and Handbooks

IPT's Crane and Rigging Training Manual is the first choice for many trade colleges and apprenticeship programs. With clear, concise rigging process explanations, along with detailed diagrams and charts, this handbook or manual is the only crane and rigging reference you'll ever need!

IPT's Crane & Rigging Handbook has been used for training and reference in:
  • technical colleges
  • trade unions
  • companies
  • government institutions
  • departments 

The book is updated with each reprint to keep current with the latest OSHA regulations. Data includes: 

  • wire rope and inspection
  • rigging hardware
  • slings and safe working loads
  • chain data
  • mobile crane set-up
  • stability
  • tandem lift examples
  • operation tips
  • EOT crane operation
  • safety
  • maintenance
  • tower crane set-up and safety
  • boom truck safety.

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