The Importance of Proper Shaft Alignment
The History of Machinery Alignment
Foundations, Baseplates, Machine Casings, and Piping Strain
Flexible and Rigid Couplings
Defining Misalignment Checks
Shaft Alignment Techniques and Measuring Tools
Graphing/Modeling Techniques to Determine Proper Machinery Movement
Measuring and Compensating for Off-line to Running Machinery Movement
Aligning V-Belt Drives
Moving Machinery in the Field
Aligning Multiple Element Drive Trains and Right Angle Drives
Alignment Considerations for Specific Types of Machinery
Finding Misalignment on Operating Rotating Machinery 

Shaft Alignment Handbook, Third Edition

by John Piotrowski, 592pp, 1995, ISBN: 1574447211

Proper Shaft Alignment, An Incomparable Reference 

Shaft Alignment Handbook - $179.95

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    The Shaft Alignment Handbook, Third Edition is a excellent reference for mechanical, manufacturing, materials, reliability, and design engineers; as well as upper-level undergraduate, graduate, and continuing-education students in these disciplines.

The Handbook:
  • Is comprehensive guide to rotating machinery alignment, based on years of hard-won experience
  • Includes more than 900 illustrations, including diagrams, photographs, charts, and graphs, with 32 in full color
  • Covers every aspect of alignment procedures, methods, mechanical and laser tooling, and alignment patents
  • Explains the basics of vibration analysis, rotor balancing, flexible and rigid couplings, foundations, and baseplates
  • Contains helpful appendices supplying sample data cards, installation guides, fastener torque values, questionnaires, and informative Web links
     The Handbook provides concise data on the behavior of specific types of rotating machinery - explaining common malfunctions and appropriate corrective actions throughout. Scroll down to see what one reader of the book thinks.
     Emphasizing the importance of proper shaft alignment for the life of a rotating machine, the Shaft Alignment Handbook, Third Edition
  • contains extensive coverage of coupling design, installation, and maintenance
  • reveals modern tactics for finding and correcting "soft foot" problems
  • discusses novel dial-indicator measurement techniques
  • details the latest procedures to measure machinery movement
  • delineates unique infrared thermographic techniques for determining misalignment conditions
  • includes up-to-date information on how to align V-belt driven equipment
  • describes a new kind of machinery positioner
  • elucidates current methods for aligning complex multiple element drive trains and right-angle drives and more

Here's what John Matlock from Winnemucca, NV says,

"First some comments about the book in general. It's written by a working engineer who has spent a lifetime actually working in the field.

He got into working on rotating machinery with an emphasis on alignment somewhat by accident. Then he developed his own expertise, and finally was persuaded to publish it in book form.

This was done in 1986. It has now been issued in its third edition that incorporates new techniques, new tools and as he incorporates his own additional learning.

The material covered here isn't covered in school. This is practical knowledge based on a lifetime of working with equipment out in the real world.

The writing style matches. Mr. Piotrowski writes as he talks, one professional with a lot of experience talking to another who will be there one day.

Any maintenance man working in an industrial plant will quickly recognize the problems discussed here, and will find other nuggets of knowledge that will help him to identify other areas where he needs to re-think about a problem."

The Shaft Alignment Handbook, provides detailed guidance based on years of hands-on experience, its a practical tool to help avoid costly shutdowns, dangerous failures, and early replacements.

To avoid these errors Buy the Handbook Now!

Shaft Alignment Handbook - $179.95
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