1. Fluids
2. Heat Transfer
3. Thermodynamics
4. Mechanical Seals
5. Pump Fundamentals and Design
6. Drivers
7. Gears
8. Bearings
9. Piping and Pressure Vessels
10. Tribology
11. Vibration
12. Materials
13. Stress and Strain
14. Fatigue
15. Instrumentation
16. Engineering Economics
Rules of Thumb for Mechanical Engineers
by J. Edward Pope, 1996, ISBN: 0884157903
 Rules of Thumb for Mechanical Engineers assembles hundreds of shortcuts, calculations, practical "how-to" methods, and concise background reviews into one convenient volume.

Whether you're concerned with design, selection, or performance of equipment, you'll find fast, accurate answers here.

Sixteen chapters are packed with design criteria and practical tips contributed by experts in their respective fields, all without pages of theory.


This easy-to-read book presents valuable information on fluids, heat transfer, thermodynamics, seals, pumps and compressors, drivers, gears, bearings, and piping and pressure vessels.

Additional coverage is given to tribology, vibrations, materials, stress and fatigue, instrumentation, and engineering economics.

Mechanical engineers, maintenance engineers and personnel, and anyone involved in the operation of facilities and equipment will have this volume on his or her desktop more often than on the bookshelf.

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