Fluid Dynamics of Turbomachines
Tesla Turbomachinery
Fundamentals of Turbine Design
Fundamentals of Compressor Design
Turbomachinery Performance Testing
Automotive Superchargers and Turbochargers
Turbomachines in Rocket Propulsion Systems
Hydraulic Turbines
Steam Turbines
Handbook of Turbomachinery - 2nd Edition
by Earl Logan, Jr, Ramendra Roy 880pp, 2nd edition, revised and expanded  ISBN: 0824709950 

Handbook of Turbomachinery - $239.95

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Building on the success of its predecessor, Handbook of Turbomachinery, Second Edition presents new material on advances in:
  • fluid mechanics of turbomachinery
  • high-speed, rotating, and transient experiments
  • cooling challenges for constantly increasing gas temperatures
  • advanced experimental heat transfer and cooling effectiveness techniques
  • and propagation of wake and pressure disturbances

Completely revised and updated, it offers updated chapters on compressor design, rotor dynamics, and hydraulic turbines and features six new chapters on topics such as:

  • aerodynamic instability
  • flutter prediction
  • blade modeling in steam turbines
  • multidisciplinary design optimization.
Handbook of Turbomachinery - $239.95

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