Causes of Noise

Harris Mapping for Spur Gears

Theoretical Helical Effects

Prediction of Static T.E.

Prediction of Dynamic Effects


Transmission Error Measurement

Recording and Storage

Analysis Techniques


Lightly Loaded Gears

Condition Monitoring

Vibration Testing

Strength v. Noise


Gear Noise and Vibration 2nd Edition
by J. Derek Smith, 208pp., 1999, ISBN: 0824741293
     This carefully organized reference/text demonstrates that the design and geometry of gears, and the measuring and processing of noise and vibration information are logical, and can be investigated without a detailed knowledge of mathematics or complex computations.
    Focuses on problems of design, metrology, development, and troubleshooting when noise and vibration occur.
     Written primarily for industrial engineers who are either buying-in or designing, manufacturing, and inspecting gears and encounter noise trouble or must measure unknown quantities, Gear Noise and Vibration
  • describes the overall path of vibration from mesh to final sound
  • targets the base source of vibration in a gearbox
  • explores the factors that control transmission error (T.E.)
  • gives programs for simple predictions of T.E. for spur and helical gears with corrections and misalignments
  • discusses permissible levels of excitation in gears 
  • explores the various methods of quantifying T.E. in practice, on inspection, and in position
  • considers the effects of loss of contact and analyzes when it will occur
  • explains the peculiarities of nonlinear response such as subharmonics, and suggests possible cures
  • examines vibration analysis techniques
  • suggests ways for making improvements at the most economical stage 
  • and more!
     Emphasizing that using basic nonmathematical ideas is best when deciding whether problems arise from gears or from installations, Gear Noise and Vibration is a multidisciplinary reference ideal for mechanical, developmental, safety, and vibration engineers; industrial gear inspectors; gear designers and manufacturers; noise control consultants; stress analysts; and production inspectors and controllers; and an ideal text for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in these disciplines.
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