Building a Maintenance Strategy
Maintenance Management in Context
Framework for the Strategy
The Maintenance Diagnostic
Developing the Vision
Closing the Gap - Planning Implementation
Contract Maintenance
Managing Change
Organizing the Maintenance Structure
Learning, Training, and Development
Compensation and Rewards
Planning and Scheduling Resources
The Six Key Steps
Planning Horizons
Planning and Scheduling Tools
Planning Standards
Managing Materials
Selecting Maintenance Tactics
Tactical Options
Condition-based Maintenance
Preventive Maintenance
The Cost of the Tactics
Measuring and Benchmarking Performance
Measuring Maintenance Productivity
Benchmarking Maintenance
Management Information Systems for Maintenance
Overview of the CMMS
Project Management the CMMS Implementation
Justifying Your CMMS
Reliability Centered Maintenance
Creating Value for Customers
RCM Elements: Philosophy to Practice Implementing RCM
Total Productive Maintenance
Objectives and Themes of TPM
Implementing TPM: The Elements
Key Success Factors
Reengineering Maintenance Processes
Maintenance: A Process or a Function
Beginning Reengineering
Analyzing Maintenance Process Flow
Maintenance 2000
Changing Assets - Changing Tactics
Expert Systems
The Complete Technician
Emerging Strategies

Uptime: Strategies for Excellence
in Maintenance Management

by John Campbell,  ISBN: 1563270536

Seeing The "Big Picture" of Maintenance Management

Uptime: Strategies
for Excellence
in Maintenance
$57.95 each

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In today's competitive marketplace, the flow of goods and services to customers must not be hindered by obstacles such as maintenance downtime. 

To stay on top, managers must implement strategies that keep operations performing at high levels.

Uptime is an updated and expanded version of the invaluable first edition and provides current insight into successful strategies for managers, maintenance and non—maintenance professionals alike. 

Updates from the first edition include current trends in technology, reliability maintenance improvements, and the challenges of finding qualified maintenance personnel due to an aging labor force.

In addition, it gives a thorough review of what it takes to achieve excellence in maintenance—a key business process in any capital-intensive industry. 

It treats this technical topic in a way that is easy to understand and links a variety of seemingly disparate and competing concepts into a single simple strategy.

This edition:

• Contains a single simple strategy depicted by a pyramid containing 10 components for world class maintenance, arrayed in a logical order.

• Draws on the expertise and observation of the authors as maintenance management consultants.

• Includes a number of updates to the original first edition, particularly in its discussion of computerized systems and support tools.

Readers of this book will see many new examples that are more current and relevant to today’s business environment.

The author explains each element in detail, using simple language and practical examples from a wide range of industries.

This book is for every manager who needs to see the "big picture" of maintenance management. In addition to maintenance, engineering, and manufacturing managers, all business managers will benefit from this comprehensive and realistic approach to improving asset performance. 



Uptime: Strategies for Excellence in Maintenance - $57.95 each

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