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Strategic MRO
by Richard L. MacInnes & Stephen L. Pearce

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This book provides the roadmap for showing how a proper focus on enterprise asset management and the associated MRO supply chain can be a source of huge savings and strategic advantage.

Strategic MRO: A Roadmap for Transforming Assets into Competitive Advantage combines the concepts of enterprise asset management and the associated maintenance, repair, and operating/overhaul (MRO) materials supply chain.

It introduces the breakthrough Demand Supply Compression (DSC) methodology, which guides an organization's thinking and doing as they seek performance improvement. Like Lean, DSC provides a practical path forward by changing a mind frame and the way in which work is performed.

Focused on achieving a future perfect and guided by meaningful principles, organizations will learn to apply compression strategies to drive out waste, time, and non-value adding activities from their strategic MRO practices.

Strategic MRO utilizes case studies from a wide variety of businesses to demonstrate strategic MRO practices and implementation. It can be successfully applied to any business where maximizing return on assets is critical to success.

This is much more than a maintenance management or supply chain book because it encompasses both asset management and supply chain practices Strategic MRO will transform your assets into a strategic advantage.

Praise for Strategic MRO:

"Finally a no-nonsense guide for plant management that thoroughly explains how properly managed assets and supply chains bring real value and cost savings into an organization. This book describes in great detail how to turn Strategic MRO into a competitive advantage not in theory, but by practical application of solid business practices."

 Ned Meyer
 Director, Business Development
 MRO Direct, Inc.


Strategic MRO - $52.95   

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