Intro to Root Cause Failure Analysis
Creating an Environment to Succeed
Working on the Right Failures: Modified Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
Automating RCFA The Utilization of Software
Proposed Case Studies 
Root Cause Analysis: Improving
Performance for Bottom Line Results
by Robert J. Latino and Kenneth J. Latino ISBN 0849353408

An audio preview of this book by co-author Bob Latino


Avoid Costly Errors & Reach Corporate Goals

Eliminate undesirable outcomes, chronic problems, incidents, accidents... The cost of such events to corporations is high, generally adding up to tens and hundreds of millions of dollars in "accepted" losses. Why accept these losses? What if you could understand why these errors occur and eliminate chronic events from occurring altogether?

This book shows you how to identify, understand, and prevent chronic problems that hinder the attainment of organizational goals using Root Cause Analysis (RCA.)

In addition, the PROACT® software, voted "Product of the Year" by Plant Engineering Magazine, and the steps outlined in this text teach you how to automate the RCA process. Used effectively, the information in Root Cause Analysis will improve the Reliability of your plant or facility and save your company precious time and money.

NEW Features

  • Introduces Enterprise Reliability Management System technology to identify the most costly events in an organization.
  • Updates the PROACT® Software chapter to reflect the newest version.
  • Includes new client case histories illustrating the application and success of the PROACT® process.
  • Updates Root Cause Analysis implementation strategies.
  • Emphasizes and updates data collection strategies.
Expands the understanding of Physical, Human, and Latent Root Causes and their relationship to the mechanics of problem events.


  • Introduction to Root Cause Analysis
  • Failure Classification
  • Creating the Environment to Succeed
  • Modified Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
  • Enterprise Reliability Management System
  • Preserving Event Data
  • Ordering the Analysis Team
  • Analyzing the Data
  • Communicating Recommendations and Findings
  • Tracking for Bottom-Line Results
  • Automating Root Cause Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis Case Histories
Root Cause Analysis: Improving Performance
for Bottom Line Results - $94.95

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