Principles of Controlled Maintenance Management
by P. Dale Johnson,
6 x 9, 137pp., Illus., Hardcover, ISBN: 0-88173-354-7

Principles of Controlled Maintenance Management- $88.00 each
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 An effective, well-managed maintenance program is crucial to the efficient and economical performance of any type of facility.

This book presents a complete, step-by-step guide to systematically improving overall maintenance operations, covering maintenance organization, inventory, continuous inspection, planning, scheduling and program management.

The presentation is structured in a manner which allows the reader to utilize basic guidelines in implementing a management system which can be customized to the specific requirements and goals of his/her plant or facility, regardless of size or type of operation.

Table of Contents:

2–Principles of Controlled Maintenance
3–Inventory and History Files
4–Continuous Inspection
5–Work Classification
6–Work Input Control
7–Planning and Estimating
8–Material Coordination
10–Work Performance
11–Buildings and Grounds
12–Predictive Maintenance
13–Cost Accounting
14–Sample Forms
15–Suggested Starting PMI Frequencies

Principles of Controlled Maintenance Management- $88.00 each

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