CMMS: A Timesaving Implementation Process
by Daryl Mather,  ISBN: 0849313597

CMMS: A Timesaving Implementation Process - $109.95

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  • Explains the differences between ERP systems and EAM systems
  • Describes what role each member of the maintenance department plays, as related to the CMMS functions and processes
  • Provides a standardized approach to the management of maintenance organizations including the planning, scheduling, prioritizing and execution functions of maintenance delivery
  • Provides a standardized approach to measuring maintenance performance
  • Includes examples of the standard functional reporting that is required to monitor and report on the various aspects of the maintenance management process
  • Includes case histories of companies that have implemented this type of system

A prevalent system in large corporations for quite some time, Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is now penetrating moderate to small corporations on an international level.

These corporations need an efficient method to implement this effective but complicated system.

However, most of the texts currently available are written by theorists and involve complex approaches.

In CMMS: A Timesaving Implementation Process, a practitioner-turned-consultant presents his field-proven, practical approach that can dramatically reduce the amount of time and cost needed to implement and maintain CMMS in any corporation.

The book presents a comprehensive template process that can be used in order to implement and maintain CMMS in any business, industry, or facility, thus dramatically reducing the amount of time and the cost needed to implement the process.

The text sets up a solid foundation, then moves into the nuts and bolts of the development of the program itself in a smooth, logical format. It provides guidelines for installing quality checkpoints and outlines best practices for common maintenance management functions.

The time saved by implementing the procedures and processes outlined here will make the investment in an enterprise level system a safer investment and will guarantee the achievement of benefits that otherwise may have been missed.


CMMS: A Timesaving Implementation Process - $109.95

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