Maintenance Management Auditing

by Anthony Kelly   2005   308pp    ISBN: 0833132671

Maintenance Management Auditing

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Logically divided into two parts -theory and application, this unique book covers maintenance auditing and benchmarking.

In the first part users will find comprehensive discussions of the theory of auditing and benchmarking, from which an audit aide memoir is drawn up.

The second part provides case studies of maintenance audits from a vast array of industries, from food processors through aluminum smelters to power generators.

Using the ideas and procedures in this book, industrial managers will be better able to audit their own maintenance departments themselves, or better interface and direct audits by external consultants. 

  • Case studies demonstrate the flexible application of this unique procedure to comprehensive audits of several weeks duration, to fingerprint audits taking perhaps only a day or so, and to benchmarking exercises.
  • Contains the aide memoira structured questionnaire of over 1,000 questions that is based on the ideas and concepts of business centered maintenance.
  • Provides a template for the auditing or maintenance management departments through the aide memoir.




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