The Maintenance Cycle
Maintenance Business Processes    
Work Identification  
Approving Work Requests  
Setting Work Priorities
Work Orders
Work Order Coding
Backlog Management      
Detailed Work Planning
Estimating Work Orders
Work Order Examples
Work Execution      
Work Order Completion
Materials Management    
Implementing Planning and Scheduling Changes
Definitions and Abbreviations
Planning And Scheduling Job Descriptions       
Managing Equipment, Spare Parts And Supplies
Failure Theory  
Preventive Maintenance (PM/ECCM)
Maintenance Computer Systems (CMMS)
Graphical Schedules Using Excel          
Critical Path Scheduling
Plant Standards
Planning And Scheduling Check Lists
Maintenance Performance and its Measurement
Communication Standards  
Purchasing and Planning    
Maintenance Planning and Scheduling
by Idcon, Inc.
Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Book

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling - $145.00

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Maintenance planning and scheduling is one of the most important elements in maintenance management.

Maintenance planning and scheduling is also synonymous with control of maintenance.

This book is a definitive authority on the subject and provides practical, tested techniques and processes by which you can build, run and manage this function to world class standards.

This Maintenance book is written by IDCON and incorporates over 110 years of cumulative maintenance management experience.

Topics covered in the 11 sections include:

  • maintenance fundamentals,
  • planning systems,
  • work order planning,
  • backlog management,
  • maintenance scheduling, computerized maintenance management systems development,
  • planning and scheduling shutdowns,
  • performance measurements and management,
  • essential care and condition monitoring

Authors: Don Armstrong
Edited: Tor Idhammar, Michael Lippig, Richard Canipe
Pages: 216
Released: October 2006


Maintenance Planning and Scheduling - $145.00


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  • Condition Monitoring Standards Volume I

  • Condition Monitoring Standards Volume II

  • Condition Monitoring Standards Volume III

  • Condition Monitoring Standards Volume IV

  • Preventive Maintenance Essential Care & 
    Condition Monitoring Techniques

  • Maintenance Planning and Scheduling

  • Results Oriented Maintenance Management

  • Reliability Based Spare Parts & Materials Management

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Idcon Maintenance Manual Library - $1015.00  

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Maintenance Management Library from Idcon

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