Maintenance Organization
Maintenance Control Systems
Work Sampling in Maintenance
Estimating and Measuring Maintenance Work
Estimating Materials Costs in Maintenance Work
Inventory Control of Maintenance Materials

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling
Preventive and Predictive Maintenance

Diagnostic Techniques
Computerized Maintenance
Maintainability, Reliability, and System Effectiveness
Utilities Management
Plant Rearrangement, Minor Construction, and Subcontracted Services

Fire Protection and Controlling Residual Waste and Contaminated Storm Water Discharge
Training for Engineering Maintenance Management Work
Compensation for Maintenance Work
Measuring and Improving Maintenance Performance

Engineering Maintenance Management

by B. W. Niebel, 384pp., illus, 1994, ISBN: 0824792475
This book is "Print on Demand". It may be up to 14 business days before it is shipped.     Covering the fundamental theories, principles, and proven techniques of successful quality engineering maintenance management programs, this outstanding reference furnishes all levels of engineering management with the material necessary to provide cost-effective maintenance - discussing the functional design of products as well as the identification of failure systems that permit scheduled maintenance procedures. 
     Analyzing specific types of predictive maintenance appropriate for different plant facilities, this thoroughly updated Second Edition presents valuable new information on ISO 9000 requirements...utilities management...the use of bar coding in maintenance efforts...plant rearrangement and minor construction...controlling residual waste and contaminated water discharge...subcontracted maintenance protection...designing for reliability and system effectiveness... and much more. 
     Containing over 200 helpful literature citations, equations, drawings, and tables, Engineering Maintenance Management, Second Edition is essential reading for all maintenance, plant, industrial, manufacturing, mechanical, and electrical engineers; maintenance supervisors and superintendents; and undergraduate, graduate, and continuing-education students in industrial and mechanical engineering programs.
Engineering Maintenance Management - $185.95

This book is "Print on Demand". It may be up to 14 business days before it is shipped.

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