Determining the Need and Selling the Program
Definition of a CMMS
CMMS Justification
CMMS Vendor Selection
Project Implementation
Integrating a CMMS with Other Systems
CMMS and Client Server
Why a CMMS Fails
How to Assure Success
Comparison of CMMS Systems
Typical CMMS Data Fields
Sample CMMS Vendor Evaluation Form
Benchmark Criteria for World-Class Organizations
Computer-Managed Maintenance 
Systems in Process Plants
by William W. Cato and R. Keith Mobley, ISBN: 0750674733
A computer-managed maintenance system (CMMS) is an integrated set of computer programs and data files used to manage the massive amounts of data generated by maintenance, inventory control, and purchasing.

 It even incorporates work backlogs, schedules, preventive maintenance plans and their schedules, labor utilization, and maintenance cost distribution. 

A CMMS will also track materials used, including quantities and cost.

With this system you can control inventories and maintain optimum, cost-effective levels of parts.

This system can also provide historical, current and future information as a summary or in detail.


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