Refrigeration Careers. Fundamentals of Refrigeration. Basic Refrigeration Systems. Tools and Equipment. Refrigerants. Tubing and Gaskets. Compression Systems. Control Systems. Electrical Systems Used in Refrigeration. Motors. Servicing Electric Motors and Controls. Domestic Refrigerators and Freezers. Servicing Domestic Systems. Commercial Refrigeration Systems. Commercial System Applications. Installation and Service of Commercial Systems. Absorption Systems. Special Refrigeration Systems. Heat Loads and Piping in Commercial Installations. Appendix: Standards and Codes. Building Codes, NFPA, ASHRAE, EPA.
Technician's Guide to Refrigeration Systems
by John A. Corinchock, 496pp., 200 illus., 1996, ISBN: 0070131597
Now you can diagnose and repair virtually any residential and commercial refrigeration system problem - quickly and easily - with Technician's Guide to Refrigeration Systems, by John A. Corinchock,

This hands-on troubleshooter also gives you the know-how to install entirely new systems - as well as comply with the latest codes and EPA regulations on chemical coolants and refrigerants.

     From the basic operating principles of refrigeration to the various types of refrigeration systems available, this expert resource helps you master the essentials of:
  • Working with tubing
  • Servicing electric motors and controls
  • Detecting and repairing leaks in domestic systems
  • Fixing condensers and receivers in commercial systems
  • Installing absorption refrigerators
  • Calculating heat loads in commercial installations
  • Troubleshooting special refrigeration systems
  • Much more
Technician's Guide to Refrigeration Systems - $67.95 each
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