Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Technology DVD Series  - 5th Ed

Author: Eugene Silberstein   ISBN #: 1401899161


Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology
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This set of five DVDs effectively presents the superior hands-on information contained in the all-new 5th Edition of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology for successful maintenance and troubleshooting of today's complex heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems.

Intended for use as a supplement to classroom lessons, these DVDs include theory-related topics and practical, step-by-step skill that combine to provide an invaluable resource.

All aspects of HVAC-R industry are covered, from basic heat theory and the pressure enthalpy chart to the laws of physics that govern the behavior of solids, liquids, and gases.

Special safety considerations are addressed throughout with dedicated coverage highlighting personal safety and dress, equipment and tool safety, and the governmental agencies that help ensure safety on the job. A favorable blend of theory, diagnostics, and repair procedures makes this DVD set a fitting complement to basic HVAC-R education, as well as upgrading and certification training for technicians in the field.

Product Benefits:

  • each DVD contains 4 separate 20-minute videos, each covering a separate topic
  • concepts presented in the basic refrigeration process segment are designed to foster a strong foundation that will help viewers master subsequent lessons in the series
  • an entire tutorial on refrigerant management, system evacuation, and charging provides a condensed yet comprehensive compilation of refrigerant-related issues paramount to industry today
  • viewers breeze through the concepts of electrical theory with the help of five complete lessons that discuss a range of electricity-related topics, from Ohm's law, to basic controls for specific HVAC-R systems
  • state-of-the-art coverage of the refrigeration process includes compressors, condensers, and metering devices, as well as special system components and typical operating conditions for high, medium, and low temperature refrigeration applications
  • other topics include heating equipment and controls, commercial refrigeration, indoor air quality, refrigeration as it applies to air conditioning, domestic appliances, cooling towers, and more
  • typical operating conditions, troubleshooting, system installation, and required maintenance information to keep these systems up and running round out the comprehensive coverage.



Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology - $2095.95 

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