1. The Field of Industrial Refrigeration 
2. Properties, Cycles and Units 
3. Multistage Systems 
4. Reciprocating Compressors 
5. Screw Compressors 
6. Evaporators - Air Coils and Liquid Chillers 
7. Condensers 
8. Liquid Recirculation 
9. Refrigerant Piping 
10. Vessels 
11. Valves and Refrigerant Controls 
12. Refrigerants 
13. Safety 
14. Electrical Control and Instrumentation 
15. Lubrication and Oil Handling 
16. Conservation, Reclaim, and Storage of Energy 
17. The Refrigeration and Freezing of Food 
18. Refrigeration Load Calculations 
19. Refrigerated Structures 
20. Secondary Coolants - Brines and Antifreezes
21. Refrigeration Below -40 Degrees 

Industrial Refrigeration Handbook
by Wilbert F. Stoecker, 430pp., 1998, ISBN: 007061623X

Industrial Refrigeration Handbook - $114.50 each

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     The fastest, easiest way to engineer industrial refrigeration systems? Pick up Industrial Refrigeration Handbook by Wilbert F. Stoecker.

It packs all the hands-on data you need to design, install and even operate efficient, cost-effective refrigeration systems in one time-saving resource - at a glance equipment comparisons, reliable evaluations of systems configurations, operating parameters, load calculations, design and installation guidelines, safety tips, you name it.

  • It gives you a thorough grounding the thermodynamic principles of refrigeration.
  • It shows you the ins & outs of multistage systems.
  • It gives you the know-how to handle compressors, evaporators and condensers.
  • It helps you evaluate liquid recirculation methods.
  • It hands you the tools you need to work with piping, and vessels. 
 You'll also be get expertise to achieve greater performance an cost savings from your systems . . .  maintenance effective control of electrical and instrumentation systems . . .  conserve, reclaim and store energy . . . manage refrigeration structures . . . utilize new secondary coolants . . . and comply with all safety standards.
Industrial Refrigeration Handbook - $114.50 each

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