Digital Electronics and HVAC Pumps 
Physical Data for HVAC System Design 
Piping System Friction 
Basics of Pump Design 
Physical Description of HVAC Pumps 
HVAC Pump Performance 
Pump Drivers and Variable-Speed Drives 
The Use of Water in HVAC Systems 
Configuring an HVAC Water System 
Basics of Pump Application for HVAC Systems 
Cooling Tower Pumps 
Pumps for Process Cooling 
Pumping Open Thermal Storage Tanks 
Chillers and Their Pumps 
Chilled Water Distribution Systems 
Closed Condenser Water Systems 
Pumps for Closed Energy Storage Systems 
Pumps for District Cooling and Heating 
Steam and Hot Water Boilers 
Low-Temperature Hot Water Heating Systems 
Pumps for Medium- and High-Temperature Hot Water Systems 
Condensate, Boiler Feed, and Deaerator Systems 
Instrumentation for HVAC Pumping Systems 
Testing HVAC Centrifugal Pumps 
Installing HVAC Pumps and Pumping Systems 
Factory-Assembled Pumping Systems 
Operating HVAC Pumps 
Maintaining HVAC Pumps 
Retrofitting Existing HVAC Water Systems 
Summary of HVAC Energy Evaluations 
HVAC Pump Handbook - 2nd Edition

by James B. Rishel, 529pp., 2006, ISBN: 0071457844

HVAC Pump Handbook - $124.00 each

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Design, install, and maintain HVAC pumps

Filled with case studies and problem-solving sections, this reference offers HVAC engineers and technicians concrete methods for achieving efficient operation in utilizing the latest digital electronic technologies.

Updated to include the latest information ranging from codes to the electronic evolution in HVAC pumping systems.

Ready-to-use formula make complex calculations a snap, and handy tables give you at-a-glance access to crucial engineering data.

You'll master all types of volute and axial flow pumps, and learn to dramatically reduce HVAC system energy consumption with variable speed pumping and piping systems.

Biographical note

James B. Rishel has been Owner and consultant in the pumping industry since the late 40's. From 1960 to present, Rishel has been involved in the design and operation of pumping systems.

Significant projects include the Denver International Airport, National Institute of Standards and Technology, and National Institute of Health.

The author of three books including HVAC Pump Handbook and Water Pumps and Pumping Systems published by McGraw-Hill, he is a member of ASHRAE Journal Editorial Board, and Hydraulic Institute Standards reviewer.

Rishel's other book, The Water Management Manual, was published by Systecon Inc. to promote good pump application practice, particularly variable speed pump operation. It is a composite of a number of magazine articles and company bulletins that he has written over the past twenty years.

HVAC Pump Handbook - $124.00 each
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