Table of Contents:

Air Conditioning & Psychrometrics

Heat Load Calculation Factors

Residential Heat Load Calculations

Residential Equipment Sizing & Selection

Residential Equipment Location

Commercial Heat Load Calculation

Commercial Equipment Sizing & Selection

Commercial Equipment Location

Refrigerant Lines

Duct Systems & Design

Duct Pipe Fitting & Insulation

Indoor Air Quality

Measuring the System Velocity

System Cost Estimating


Fundamentals of Air Conditioning Systems
by Billy C. Langley, Ed.D.,
6 x 9, 397 pp., Illus., Hardcover., ISBN: 0-88173-346-6

Fundamentals of Air Conditioning Systems - $92.00
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     Now in it’s fully revised and updated second edition, here is your complete guide to the specification and application of all types of commercial and residential air conditioning equipment.

The book guides the reader through each step of the process of proper system design, including equipment selection, sizing, placement and installation. 

Theoretical subjects are clearly illustrated with practical examples drawn from actual field experience.    

Topics covered for both commercial and residential installations include:

  • heat load calculation
  • equipment sizing / selection / location
  • refrigerant lines
  • duct systems and design options
  • duct pipe
  • fitting and insulation specification
  • indoor air quality considerations
  • and guidelines for system cost estimating.
Fundamentals of Air Conditioning Systems - $92.00
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