Table of Contents:

Why Fine Tune Equipment?

Electric Heating

Gas Heating (Natural and LP)

Oil Burners

Air Conditioning Systems & Heat Pumps (Cooling Mode)

Heat Pumps (Heating Mode)


Megohm Meters

Pressure-Enthalpy Diagrams

Estimating Annual Heating Requirement

Appendix A – Air Conditioning Formulas (non-psychrometric)

Appendix B – Worksheets
Fine Tuning Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Systems
by Billy C. Langley, 
8½ x 11, 327 pp. Illlus., Hardcover, ISBN: 0-88173-358-X

Fine Tuning Air Conditioning and 
Refrigeration Systems - $84.00
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     This comprehensive hands-on manual covers all the procedures necessary to fine tune heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems for optimum operating efficiency. 

     Easy-to-follow guidelines and worksheets guide you each step of the process giving you the tools you need to assure that equipment can operate at peak efficiency as designed by the manufacturer. 

     The full spectrum of systems and equipment are covered, including electric heating, gas heating, oil burners, air conditioning systems, heat pumps, and refrigeration equipment. 

     A wealth of helpful diagrams, illustrations, estimating tools, and worksheets are also provided. Multiple tear-out copies of each worksheet are provided for use on the job.


Fine Tuning Air Conditioning and 
Refrigeration Systems - $84.00


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