Basics and the Steaming Process; Performance and Input-Output; Control Loops and their Interconnections; Combustion of Fuels, Excess Air, and Products of Combustion; Efficiency Calculations; Steam Supply and Firing Rate Demand; Feedwater Supply and Control; Boiler Draft Systems; Furnace Draft and Combustion Air Flow; Fluid Fuel Burners; Solid Fuel Burners; Burner Management and Flame Safety Interlocks; Pulverized Coal and Cyclone Coal Burning Systems; Combustion Control; Atmospheric Fluidized-Bed Boilers; Future Directions. 
The Control of Boilers, 2nd Edition
by S. G. Dukelow, 412pp., 1991, ISBN: 1556173301
This resource helps reduce boiler operating costs through a detailed, comprehensive, and applicable explanation of all aspects of boiler processes.

It presents the basics of boiler control, the interrelationships of the process characteristics, and the dynamics involved. 

The 2nd Edition places significant emphasis on start-up, shut-down, flame monitoring, and safety interlock measures.

Designed for professionals with a good understanding of boiler jargon, thermodynamics, control concepts, and math fundamentals. 

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