1. Boilers 
2. High Pressure Boilers 
3. Boiler Auxiliaries 
4. Boiler Mountings and Accessories 
5. Boiler Operation Inspection and Maintenance 
6. Boiler Calculations 
7. Draught 
8. Primary Fuels 
9. Principles of Combustion 
10. The Chemistry of Combustion 
11. Coal Pulverization 
12. Pulverized Coal Fired Furnaces 
13. Fuel Oil and Gas Fired Furnaces 
14. Dust Collection 
15. Ash Handling System 
16. Carryover, Scale and Sludge 
17. Steam Contamination and its Control 
18. Prevention of Deposit Formation in Boiler Units 
19. Characteristics of Steam-water Flow 
20. Temperature Conditions and Heat Transfer 
21. Hydrodynamics of Closed Hydraulic System 
22. Deaeration and Deoxygenation 
23. Water Treatment and Demineralization 
24. Scaling of Fireside of Heating Surfaces 
25. Corrosion of Waterside Heating Surfaces 
26. Corrosion of Fireside Heating Surfaces 
27. Evaporators 
28. Superheaters 
29. Economizers and Air Heaters 
30. Steam Condensers 
31. Steam Turbines 
32. Cycles for Steam Power Plants 
33. Boiler Design 
34. Nuclear Steam Generators 
35. Energy from Waste
Boiler Operation Questions and Answers 2nd Edition
Pathasarthy Chattopadhyay, P.E., 640pp., ISBN: 0071356754

Want to specify, operate, or troubleshoot a boiler system--fast?

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Whether you’re an operator, inspector, maintenance engineer, or technician, this guide's your direct route to the answers you need in day-to-day boiler and pressure vessel operations.

Here's a unique, fix-it-fast reference for boiler operators, inspectors, maintenance engineers, and technicians.

Thoroughly updated to reflect the current ASME Boiler Code.

Makes an ideal study aid for those taking the Boiler Operator's Exam--includes over 3,000 questions with answers, 150 solved numerical problems, and 410 helpful illustrations.

Chances are, any question that's likely to come up--whether it's on processes, equipment, safety, water treatment, steam generation, fuels, maintenance, inspection, repair, or some other issue--is answered in these pages.

And this book's more than 3000 questions and answers closely parallel those you'll encounter on ASME's Boiler Operator's Exam, making Boiler Operations Questions and Answers a perfect study tool that helps you make the grade. With this unique guide, you can:
  • Solve mathematical problems step by step with 150 worked examples
  • Update your Boiler Code expertise with a guide that includes all the latest changes
  • Learn, remember, and apply the material more easily with 400+ illustrations
  • Turn to reference sections and tables for quick access to data, definitions, and formulas
  • Discover expert answers on all boiler and pressure vessel issues, from combustion through corrosion and nuclear generation
Boiler Operation Questions and Answers - $112.95 each
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