Preface to the Fourth Edition 
Abbreviations and Symbols 
Ch. 1. Boiler Systems, Classifications, and Fundamental Operating Practices 
Ch. 2. Firetube Boilers 
Ch. 3. Watertube Boilers 
Ch. 4. Electric and Special Application Boilers 
Ch. 5. Nuclear Power Plant Steam Generators 
Ch. 6. Material Structure, Required Code Material, and Specifications 
Ch. 7. Fabrication by Welding and NDT 
Ch. 8. Material Testing, Stresses, and Service Effects 
Ch. 9. Code Strength, Stress, and Allowable Pressure Calculations 
Ch. 10. Boiler Connections, Appurtenances, and Controls 
Ch. 11. Combustion, Burners, Controls, and Flame Safeguard Systems 
Ch. 12. Boiler Auxiliaries and External Water Treatment Equipment 
Ch. 13. Boiler Water Problems and Treatment 
Ch. 14. In-Service Problems, Inspections, Maintenance, and Repairs 
Ch. 15. Boiler Plant Training, Performance and Efficiency Monitoring 
App. 1. Terminology and Definitions 
App. 2. Water Treatment Tables 
App. 3. Observing Boiler Safety Rules 

Boiler Operator's Guide 4th Edition
by Anthony Kohan, 736pp., 1997, ISBN: 0070365741
     All boiler professionals will want to have this major revision of the classic guide to installing, operating, and maintaining boilers in industrial, commercial, and other facilities. The fourth edition fully explains changes to the ASME Boiler Code, such as the new confined space entry requirements, and the liberalization of the overseas requirement to obtain the U. S. National Board Certification. 
     Readers will also learn about the latest technological advances in the field, including which new materials can be used in boiler construction. Featuring questions and answers at the end of each chapter, the book will serve as a valuable review manual for oral and written license tests.
Boiler Operator's Guide - $71.95 each

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