Valve Handbook - 2nd Edition
by Philip Skousen. 447 pp., 2004,  ISBN: 0071437738

Valve Handbook
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The Valve industry has become increasing digital since the publication of the first edition in 1997.

Even a casual examination of available smart or intelligent positioners reveals significant differences in design philosophies, on-board intelligence, and application options being employed by manufacturers.

The 2nd edition of the Valve Handbook will focus on the new process plant applications for smart valve technology found since 1998.

Filled with drawings, photographs, and step-by-step examples, the book features the latest information on basic valve and actuator sizing the impact of smart technology on valve design and operation fugitive emissions control life-cycle cost evaluations and the automation of manual valves.

Introduction to Valves • Valve Selection Criteria • Manual Valves • Control Valves • Manual Operators and Actuators • New smart valve technology • Smart Valves and Positioners • Valve Sizing • Actuator Sizing • Common-Valve Problems

Newest smart valve technology

* Updates on HART® and Fieldbus valves
* Current codes and testing centers

The classic guide to improving efficiency and productivity, updated and including "smart valve" technology

Updated to accommodate a new generation of"smart technology," this Second Edition of the Valve Handbook features coverage of smart positioners, controllers, and valves.

With this comprehensive, expertly written reference, you get one-stop coverage of valve design, performance, and selection, as well as the operation, application, and pros and cons of today's newest smart valves with digital positioners and actuators.

Redesigned to meet the needs of today's professional this handbook provides:
* New process plant applications for the latest smart valve
* Updates on HART® and FieldBus valve technology
* Addition of new pneumatic-to-hydraulic actuator design
* Three-way pneumatic positioner with smart transducer adaptation module
* New high-performance micro-Cv valve
* New ceramic trim materials for mining applications

The Handbook also gives you the expertise to deal with many common problems that reduce valve performance, including solutions to flashing ... choked flow ... high velocities ... noise ... and other day-to-day problems.


Valve Handbook - $129.95 each

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