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The Valve Primer
by Brent Stojikov, 1997, ISBN: 0831130776
     Written for engineers, operators, and maintenance technicians in the power generation, oil, chemical, paper and other processing industries, The Valve Primer provides a basic knowledge of valve types and designs, materials used to make valves, where various designs should and should not be used, factors to consider in specifying a valve for a specific application, how to calculate flow through valves, and valve maintenance and repair. 

In addition to presenting information on a wide variety of valves, this book also explains the operational basics of the thousands of valves that are found in power stations, refineries, plants, and mills throughout the world.

If you're involved in valve selection, specification, procurement, inspection, troubleshooting or repair, you'll find a wealth of information in The Valve Primer.

Supplementing the text are over fifty illustrations depicting various valve types and how they operate.

This unique book contains valuable information that cannot be found in any other single source.

The Valve Primer - $32.95 each

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