Reciprocating Compressors and Their Applications
Design and Materials for Reciprocating Compressor Components
Operation and Maintenance of Reciprocating Compressors
Overhaul and Repair of Reciprocating Compressors
Troubleshooting Compressor Problems
Preventive Maintenance for Reciprocating Compressors
Safety in Operation and Maintenance
Reciprocating Compressor Calculations
Reciprocating Compressors
by Heinz P. Bloch, John J. Hoefner, 504 pages ISBN: 0884155250

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Many reciprocating compressors in air and process gas services experience repeat failures.

This text shows the reasons and teaches the reliability professional how to avoid future distress.

For anyone responsible for purchasing, servicing, or operating reciprocating compressors, this book discusses the theory of operation and explains how to install, troubleshoot, overhaul, and repair all types of compressors.

This broad comprehensive text offers practical details on how to purchase, service, operate, and maintain compressors used in any of the process industries such as pulp and paper, mining, food processing, pharmaceuticals.
Reciprocating Compressors - $119.00
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