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Lubricating Greases
Synthetic Lubricants
Machine Elements
Lubricant Application
Internal Combustion Engines
Stationary Gas Turbines
Steam Turbines
Hydraulic Turbines
Nuclear Power Plants
Automotive Chassis Components
Automotive Power Transmissions
Handling, Storing, and Dispensing Lubricants
In-Plant Handling For Lubricant Conservation

Lubrication Fundamentals

by J. George Wills, ISBN: 0824705742

 Building on the cornerstone of the first edition, Lubrication Fundamentals Second Edition outlines the emergence of higher performance-specialty application oils and greases and emphasizes the need for lubrication and careful lubricant selection.

Keeping the characteristics that made the first edition a classic reference, this second edition provides current information in the format readers have come to trust. 

Thoroughly updated and rewritten since the previous edition reached its 10th printing, the book discusses:

  • Product basics
  • Machine elements that require lubrication
  • Methods of application
  • Lubricant storage and handling
  • And lubricant conservation
  • Reflects the changes in the field since J. George Willis wrote the first edition in 1980
  • Contains a new chapter dedicated to the refining process, highlighting the latest technology and detailed descriptions of base stocks
  • Covers hydraulic systems, novel environmental lubricants, and current lubricant testing methods
  • Examines the latest lubrication requirements, petroleum crude selection, and product formulation and evaluation
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