Basic Hydraulic Pump and Circuit Design
Bearing Selection and Lubrication
Fluid Cleanliness and Filtration
Physical Properties and Their Determination
Fluid Viscosity and Viscosity Classification
Lubrication Fundamentals
Fire-Resistance Testing Procedures of Hydraulic Fluids
Ecological Compatibility
Bench and Pump Testing of Hydraulic Fluids
Vibrational Analysis for Fluid Power Systmes
Failure Analysis
Water Hydraulics
Mineral-Oil Hydraulic Fluids
Lubricant Additives for Mineral-Oil-Based Hydraulic Fluids
Polyalphaolefins and Other Synthetic Hydrocarbon Fluids
Water-Glycol Hydraulic Fluids
Polyol Ester Fluids
Phosphate Ester Hydraulic Fluids
Vegetable-Based Hydraulic Oils
Electro-rheological Fluids
Standards for Hydraulic Fluid Testing
Handbook of Hydraulic Fluid Power Technology
by George E. Totten, ISBN: 0824760220
     This authoritative reference facilitates a broader understanding of the total hydraulic system, including hardware, fluid properties and testing, and hydraulic lubricants in a single volume - providing a comprehensive and rigorous overview of hydraulic fluid technology.

Organized to unite basic concepts with descriptions of the components and workings of liquid system operations. 

The Handbook of Hydraulic Fluid Technology
  • discusses lubrication of rolling element bearings examines fluid filtration and particle contamination,
  • particle quantification, and fluid filterability
  • covers viscosity and its relation to temperature and pressure
  • explains the use of vibrational analysis as a diagnostic technique and for troubleshooting
  • offers strategies for determining why certain hydraulic systems fail
  • describes the chemistry and properties of petroleum oil
  • clarifies fluid maintenance and change-out procedures
  • documents aerospace applications of synthetic fluids
  • considers vegetable oil and a viable alternative to mineral-oil-based fluids
  • and more!
     Detailing fluid chemistry and physical properties of specific liquids, the Handbook of Hydraulic Fluid Technology is a valuable guide suited to mechanical, aerospace, automotive, design, control, development, chemical, plant, power, system, maintenance, manufacturing, and project engineers, and upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in these disciplines.
Handbook of Hydraulic Fluid Power Technology - $239.95 each

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