Some Reflections on the History of Fluid Dynamics
General Equations of Newtonian Fluid Dynamics
Special Equation Forms and Related Equations
Basic Engineering Fluid Mechanics
Classical Fluid Dynamics
Overview of Classical Fluid Dynamics
Inviscid Incompressible Flow
Inviscid Compressible Flow
Incompressible Laminar Viscous Flows
Incompressible Laminar Boundary Layer Flow
Compressible Lanimar Boundary Layer Flow
Transition adn Turbulence
Turbulence Modeling and Simulation
Plasma Flows
Chemically Reacting Flows (Combustion)
Multiphase Flow - Gas/Liquid
Multiphase Flow - Gas/Solid
Multiphase Flow - Liquid/Solid Fluidized Bed Systems
Flow in Porous Media
Non-Newtonian Fluid Flow
High Reynolds Number Asymptotic Theories
Incompressible Triple-Deck Theory
Free-Interactions and Breakaway Separation
Numerical Solution fo Two-Dimensional Steady Triple-Deck Problems
Numerical Solution of the Equations of Fluid Dynamics
Finite Difference Method
Finite volume Method
Finite Element Method
Spectral Element Methods
Somputer Science
Solution Methods for the incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations
Convergence Acceleration
Experimental Methods in Fluid Mechanics
Basic Instruments
Hotwire Anemometry
Laser-Doppler Velocimetry (LDV)
Multiphase Flow Measurements Using Particale Image Velocimetry
Phase Doppler Particle Analyzer (PDPA)
Flow Visualization
Uncertainty Analysis
Axial-Flow Compressor and Fan Aerodynamics
Nozzles and Diffusers
Airfoils and Wings
Open Channel Flow
Atmospheric Flows
Mesoscale Oceanic Flows
A. Mathematics of Fluid Mechanics
B. Tables of Dimensionless Numbers
C. Transport Property Tables
D. Units and Constants
The Handbook of Fluid Dynamics
by Richard W. Johnson, ISBN: 0849325099

The Handbook of Fluid Dynamics - $139.95 each

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The Handbook of Fluid Dynamics provides professionals in the field of fluid dynamics with a comprehensive guide and resource.

The book balances three traditional areas of fluid mechanics - theoretical, computational, and experimental - and expounds on basic science and engineering techniques.

Each chapter introduces a topic, discusses the primary issues related to this subject, outlines approaches taken by experts, and supplies references for further information.

Topics discussed include:
  • basic engineering fluid dynamics
  • classical fluid dynamics
  • turbulence modeling
  • reacting flows
  • multiphase flows
  • flow and porous media
  • high Reynolds number asymptotic theories
  • finite difference method
  • finite volume method
  • finite element method spectral element methods for incompressible flows
  • experimental methods, such as hot-wire anemometry, laser-Doppler velocimetry, and flow visulatization
  • applications, such as axial-flow compressor and fan aerodynamics, turbomachinery, airfoils and wings, atmospheric flows, and mesoscale oceanic flows
     The text enables experts in particular areas to become familiar with useful information from outside their specialization, providing a broad reference for the significant areas within fluid dynamics.
  • Serves as a guidebook for working professionals
  • Presents introductions, approaches and references for specific topics
  • Offers information on classical areas of fluid dynamics as well as solutions for modern problems
  • Explains experimental methods in fluid mechanics, including laser-Doppler velocimetry, particle image velocimetry, and phase Doppler particle analysis
  • Discusses a range of applications, including turbomachinery, nozzles and diffuser, pumps, open channel flow, and lubrication
  • Provides appendixes on mathematics, dimensionless numbers, transport properties, and units and constants
     "This handbook is a professionally written, extensive source of information relevant to the field of fluid mechanics. The book will be very useful to government, industry, and university researchers to plan future research tasks in analytical, computational, and experimental methods and applications."
- Pure and Applied Geophysics
The Handbook of Fluid Dynamics - $139.95 each

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