Introduction to Control Valves
History of Control Valves
Terminology-Valve Bodies
Valve Actuators
Sizing,, Cavitation and Flashing
Valve Noise
Valve Trim
Valve Features
Materials for Valves: Valve Applications
Safety Valve Selection
Valve Troubleshooting
Case Histories
Valve Testing
Codes and Standards
Computerized Valve Sizing
Control Valves
by Guy Borden, Jr., 734pp., 1998, ISBN: 1556175655R
Controls Valves is the most complete and up-to-date reference book on Control Valves that ISA has published.

Ten years in the making, and over 700 pages in length, it incorporates the work of twenty-one individual authors that cover the broad spectrum of models, applications and consequences of valve systems.

This book belongs in every measurement and control library, offering both encyclopedic coverage and practical tips. 

    Control Valves offers solutions to problems involving the body assemblies, actuators and accessories of control valves, as well as an overview of valve design and construction.

It includes discussions of applications, safety, troubleshooting, maintenance, testing, standards, valve-related computer programs, and regulators, as well as specific considerations that should assist instrument engineers in the selection of the best valve body, actuator and accessories for their applications.

About the Editor: Guy Borden, Jr., has over 40 years involvement with control valves, including 20 with control valve manufacturers. He has been an ISA member since 1959, served on the SP75 Control Valves Standards Committee, and as Director of 159s Process Measurement and Control Division, He holds degrees in chemical engineering from the University of Texas and the University of Michigan.
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