Table of Contents

What Is a PLC?

PLC Components

Programming in Binary Logic (Boolean Logic)

Counters and Timers

Memory Organization and Data Manipulation

Manipulating Simple Data Elements

Manipulating Data in Files, Blocks, Arrays, and Structures

Program Structure and Structured Programming

IEC 1131-3: The Common Programming Language
PLC Setup and Status


Process Control


Robotics, Automation, and PLCs


The Future: Whither the PLC?

Allen-Bradley PLC-5 Status File Structure

Allen-Bradley SLC 500 Status File Structure

OMRON CQM1 SR and AR Memory Areas

Allen-Bradley Compare Instruction Operators

Allen-Bradley Compute (CPT) Instruction Operators and Precedence

Siemens S7 Status Bit Affected by Math and Logic Operations

Siemens S7 System Functions (SFC), System Function Blocks (SFB), and IEC Functions (FC)

Allen-Bradley PLC-5 Major and Minor Fault Bits and Codes

Allen-Bradley SLC 500 Major Fault Codes

Allen-Bradley PLC-5 PID Control Block



Programmable Logic Controllers
by S. Brian Morriss, ISBN 0130955655

Programmable Logic Controllers - $142.95

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     An easy-to-read alternative to the expensive and jargon-filled manual sets, this reference describes how to set up and troubleshoot a PLC in general, and covers implementation in specific leading proprietary PLC systems: Allen-Bradley (PLC-5 and SLC 500), Siemens (Simatic S5 and Simatic S7), and OMRON (all, but specifically CQM1). 

     It includes, but goes beyond, simple Boolean logic enabling readers to use all of the power of a modern PLC.

Complete coverage of capabilities of modern PLCs; extensive troubleshooting coverage; full instructions (for Boolean logic, timing and counting, data manipulation, process control, and communication) -- with at least one instruction of each type described in detail and similar instructions described in terms of what they do differently; setup and configuration requirements of all PLCs. 

     Book is ideal for anyone interested in programming and configuration of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) for industrial control.


Programmable Logic Controllers - $142.95

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