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National Electrical Safety Code Handbook (6th Edition) - 2007 Edition
  Correctly apply the latest rules for live electrical supply with the 2007 National Electrical Safety Code® Handbook.

Gain insight into what lies behind the National Electrical Safety Code's rules and how to apply them with this updated Code companion. The NESC® Handbook helps you understand how the 2007 Code edition differs from the 2002 version—and how the changes impact your work. Learn how the NESC Committee interprets the rules, and understand how the Code has responded to changes throughout its 85-year history.

Examine the 2007 NESC in practical, hands-on detail, including this edition's revisions concerning:

  • Rounding numbers found in requirements
  • Metal grounding poles
  • Starting voltages and clearances
  • Grounding and insulation for guy wires
  • Arc exposure analysis
  • Clearances between transmission lines
  • Multiplex cable attachment to neutral brackets
  • Loading due to freezing rain and wind
  • Fiber-reinforced polymer elements
  • Worker loads
  • Equipment bonding
  • Antenna radiation exposure limits

New appendices add to your knowledge about loading and conductor movement, extreme wind loading, and maximum over-voltage at a work site. The 2007 NESC Handbook is an important resource for professionals involved in electric supply and communication system design, construction, maintenance, inspection, and training. (Softbound, 700 pp., 2006)


NESC Handbook - (6th Edition) - $179.95 Add to Cart

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