1. Introduction
2. Components
3. Ladder Diagrams
4. Develop a Schematic Diagram
5. Logic Continued
6. Logic Continued
7. Develop Bill Materials
8. Wiring Diagrams
9. Application of Schematic and Wiring Diagrams
10. Case History Example
11. Special Examples of Relay Logic
12. Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers
13. Number Systems
14. PLC Memory Structure
15. PLC Instruction Set
16. How do PLC's Compare to Relay Logic?
17. Convert Relay Logic to PLC
18. PLC Start-Up and Trouble-Shooting
19. Logic Comparisons
20. Applied Analog Logic
21. Unusual Trouble-Shooting Case Histories
22. Heat and Enclosures
23. Conclusions
Fundamentals of Electrical Control - 2nd Edition
by Clarence A. Phipps, 1998, ISBN: 0881733121

     Newly revised, this book offers the logic of design to startup, operation and maintenance, and all aspects of wiring, relay logic, programmable logic controllers, and a host of electrical control applications and challenges you'll encounter on the job.

A new chapter covers heat and enclosures including information on the creation of heat in electronic devices and how it can be dissipated.

Beginning with the basic principles of electrical logic, the author guides you through each step in the design of a sequencing logic system, including developing the schematic diagram, making a bill of material, and designing component wiring diagram.

You will learn the fundamentals of programmable logic controls (PLC's), including number in systems, basic memory structure, system addressing and the common instruction set.

The presentation takes you step by step through solving problems that require bailing circuits, sorting systems, and counting the relays, including encoding and decoding.

The contrast between digital and analog control systems is also fully examined. Case histories illustrate the principles covered. as well specific troubleshooting techniques.

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